When the Riverbottom Nightmare Band got together five years ago, few thought it would work. Culling its members from the ranks of some of Orlando's busiest, most talented and at times most volatile local bands, it seemed that RNB was predestined for a short life span.
"It was definitely considered a side project from the start," says David Schweizer, who plays guitar, harmonica, washboard and also sings. "Nobody takes it really seriously, which allows for an easy and fun experience for everyone. Brian, Ralph and Jack have the Joint Chiefs [The Legendary JC's], and I've got my own solo thing happening, yet this is the most solid lineup we've had in years. We all seem to be finding time for it."
If you've never had the pleasure of a Riverbottom Nightmare Band show, you're in for a surprise. This tight-knit, well-versed bluegrass combo plays the down-home, traditional standards you'd expect to hear ("Fox on the Run," to name just one), as well as some originals. But by broadening the typical bluegrass-band arrangement to include drums and a washboard, RNB revs-up the requisite tunes, giving them more drive and backbone. Even if you're not a bluegrass fan at the beginning of a show, you'll be a pickin'-and-grinnin' convert by the end.

~ Micky Michalec (Orlando Sentinel)

OMA history:
2001 Americana nominee; 2000 Country/Folk nominee; 1999 Bluegrass/Country nominee

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